How to Reboot Android In Safe Mode

Talking about Android, most stable operating systems for mobiles, but there is also get performance issues as mobile get older, and these issues can occur every now and then. As you use your Android based mobile device, you’ll be able to determine whether its performance is still going well or if it’s failing. In this we should learn how to reboot Android in safe mode.

Application quality checks in android play store are on the lower side and it is frequently the case that some rebel application is backing your mobile off. What’s more, a great approach to check this is to do an experimental mode reboot. In experimental mode, android doesn’t stack any applications other than the few basic ones like the telephone Dial, camera and so forth. No different applications are allowed to run and it pretty much makes the telephone precisely as you got it.

While in safe mode, you won’t be able to open any apps you’ve downloaded onto your phone, and a “Safe mode” badge will appear in the lower left corner of your screen. You may find safe mode useful if you’re trying to determine whether an issue you’re having with your phone is due to an app you’ve installed, or due to Android itself.

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Booting an android phone in Safe Mode is fairly simple-

  • If your mobile is on, press power button to get menu like power off, restart, flight mode on your android mobile screen.
  • Long press on the “Power Off” option.
  • Click on ‘ok’ option that you get on screen for confirmation which asks if the mobile can boot into Safe Mode.

That is it, your mobile will now restart in safe mode and you will locate a little watermark on the bottom left demonstrating the mobile is without a doubt in safe mode.

Presently Safe Mode can’t disclose to you which application carried on wrongly and pulled your telephone execution down. Be that as it may, it can definitely let you know whether there were some rogue app(s) issue or not. To discover the correct application, you would need to reboot in typical mode and debilitate the applications one by one to get the guilty party.

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