Jio Free or Not ?? Reliance Jio Prime Membership at Rs 99 – All You Need To Know

Every one of us have been appreciating Reliance Jio free calling and data offers. However, every one of regardless we need to realize what after March 31st. There were a few gossipy tidbits that Jio may augment this free offer till June. Yet, at 21 Feb Mukesh Ambani made a few declarations which made it clear that Jio is not going to be free any longer. Be that as it may! There is a little amazement – you can subscribe to Reliance Jio Prime Membership for just Rs 99.

More About Reliance Jio Prime?

Dependence Jio Prime participation which costs just Rs 99/year gives clients access to every one of the advantages that they are getting a charge out of now under Happy New Year Offer. In any case, this time they should pay Rs 303/month.

To make it straightforward, existing Reliance Jio clients or the individuals who join the system should pay Rs 99/year to get Jio Prime Subscription.

Jio Prime endorsers will appreciate boundless 4G information (1GB day by day FUP restrict). The voice calls will be free of cost. This makes the compelling expense of these operators just Rs 10/day which is still not as much as different operators.

How to apply for Reliance Jio Prime Membership?

If you are a Jio users, you have already  installed an app that is MyJio App, you can use this app to take advantage of Reliance Jio prime membership. Otherwise there is also available option to take membership, you need to go reliance Jio outlet and they can help you to take this membership advantage.

Reliance Jio Prime Membership Eligibility ?

if you are a existing customer, then you are eligible and can take Prime membership by joining the network, but keep in mind you have time up-to 31st March 2017.

Free Offer? – Confusion Ends by Reliance Jio Prime Membership plan

There was talk that Reliance Jio may extend the free offer to June 2017, yet the declarations at this meeting and the presentation of Reliance Jio Prime Membership has put a full stop to every one of the gossipy tidbits and disarrays.

Other Important announcement with Reliance Jio Prime Membership’s conference

  • 7 customers is joining to Reliance Jio in every second (over 170 days)
  • Jio has crossed 100 million users.
  • With help of Jio, India has become number One country in terms of data usages.
  • Jio has more than twice 4G base stations compared to the combined capacity of all other operators in India and plans to double this in the coming months.

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