How to Go Live on YouTube App | YouTube Broadcast | YouTube Live on App Launched

After a long , Finally YouTube has launched its YouTube live feature on YouTube app. By adding a new option into YouTube app for smartphone, now you are able to go YouTube live. As we know, technology and internet are shifting from desktop to mobile or tablet that need to improve mobile feature if a company wants to exist in battle.

It is a great step by YouTube to launch go live option in YouTube app especially for Youtuber that can live from anywhere and no need to carry bulky laptop or desktop.

So, how can go – YouTube live using YouTube app?

Lets proceed to know more about new feature that allow creator to  get connected with his YouTube follower via YouTube app on his/her smartphone.

In a blog post, YouTube said: “It’s a launch that’ll put the power of live streaming in the hands of hundreds of thousands of talented creators, giving them a more intimate and spontaneous way to share their thoughts, lives, and creativity.”

if you have good fan or follower on YouTube, you should also know, that is something interest. First advantage, You will connect your audience by live broadcasting and along-with you will have chance to earn more money, if anyone from your subscribers pays you to promote his/her comment on the top of YouTube live chat. Is it really interesting ? Yes.

How can a subscriber can promote his/her on top and pay you bucks?

It’s simple, let’s take a example.

You are the creator of YouTube live and i am your subscriber. I start to watch your YouTube live video that you are broadcasting via your YouTube app from your smartphone. i see, there are a number of your subscribers are online and watching your live YouTube broadcast.

Same time, i want to stand out from the crowd. Now question is how can i do this?

It’s interesting for creator (you), i will buy premium chat message from you, by which my chat will be highlighted in a bright color and stay at top of the chat window (that make me to stand out from the crowd) and  my chat stay at the top on chat window up to five hours.

In this way a subscriber (Me) can go viral & famous among all others subscribers of a YouTube live creator (You). In this way, we both will get benefited, You will earn money & i will advertise myself there on window chat.

Earlier, we have seen Facebook Live and Instagram Live stream facility that are launched,  but YouTube was behind in this segment to provide facility to go live on YouTube app. Finally, YouTube has launched YouTube live broadcasting feature using YouTube app through smartphone.

Now, come to the point and start to discuss steps –

How To Go YouTube Live On YouTube App Using Android Smartphone?

Step 1.

Open your Google Play-store and Find YouTube app in My apps menu.

Step 2.

You need to Update your YouTube app

Step 3.

Login into YouTube account by entering username (Gmail ID) and password.

Step 4.

Click on the Red Video Icon on bottom right corner that can you easily find in YouTube app

Step 5.

A option can you see – Go live – Tap on it.

Step 6.

Now, it’s time to put a proper Video Title. Please choose appropriate title and Click on Next

Step 7.

Put most suitable Thumbnail for your YouTube live broadcast.

Step 8.

Now, you are going to famous and connect with your YouTube followers through your YouTube app – Tap to Go Live.

That’s it. Simple!

Hey, it’s not too simple – one thing i would like to inform you before to use this YouTube live feature via YouTube app from a smartphone, You (Creator) must have 10,000 subscribers on your YouTube Channel.

So, it may be very down feeling for us,if do not have such number. We need to build our subscribes up-to 10000 figure to get benefit of YouTube live from YouTube app.

Do not worry, you are growing by each day and definitely one day you will have same feature.

Now, that’s from my side.

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