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DNS stands for Domain Name System somewhere it is also abbreviate as Domain Name Server is a hierarchical decentralized naming system fr services, computers, or other resources connected to the Internet.
In other words, we can say – DNS is like a contact list for Internet. As like searching in phone book, and we get contact number for the same. Same, if you do not know IP address (like contact number), put name on Internet and simply you will get result. If you understand in simple way, remember a name is quite easy rather than remember a contact number.
We can purchase DNS from different websites – either for personal use, or business use, or sell a domain to earn money online. It depend that how do you use it. If you wanna write a blog or website for personal use , you choose an appropriate Domain Name and hosting servers. A business company do same things for run their business and get connected with their customers.
As of now, selling of Domain Names are one of the best option to earn money online. Many of us, purchase huge numbers of domain name and put on sites that provide auction for sell domains.
But, it is always not true about selling domains. Sometimes business owners stop to work on particular and sell their company to others, in that case website (that mean DNS) ownership must be transfer.
Anyway, reason of selling of domains can be different depend upon many factors. Before to start to sell or making offers, we must keep points into our mind.

Find out your Domain’s value

We must check before, what is exact potential of that domain, specially important for them who offers and take parts in taking offers.Of course, it is also important for seller(as they can understand value of domains which they have. Below point you should take into consideration –

Domain Type –

You should know, .com is very popular and valuable comparatively others like .info, .cc, .bix, etc. If you research on Internet  you can find most popular websites are ‘.com’ websites.
For example, if you tell to other(to them who are unknown in terms of Internet knowledge) to open ‘Google’, then he/she will understand ‘’ not ‘’ or’ etc. There are many examples too.
So cost for domains that associate with .com may costly than others (Smiling? As you have .com domain(s).)
Hey, do not worry, if have others domain, you may dominate over .com domains even more. Move ahead read next options.

Traffic –

Value of a domain is not depend only on .com, but traffic (number of visitors) is primary influences of the domain’s value. Suppose, visitors are already monetized (this case) then you need not need to burn effort to get traffic specially at starting stage. Value of domains will be high even you have domain like .biz, .net, .net etc. If you have .com domain name you have a plus point.

Popularity –

You can find, the cost of domain high, if it is very popular &  similar to popular website, So you should find out your popularity of your domain at internet. (Enjoy if you have popular like domain names).

Easy to Remember –

In some case, domain name can be priced high, if it is very easy to remember, especially valuable if they are directly related to name of a hotels, industry, store etc.

How much? we should  keep price for sell or making offer to buy?

It’s very important for domain’s owner or buyers, that whether price mentioned for domain, is it worthy or not? Most of time, Domains that sell for thousand dollar are not even popular and high priced. so my suggestion – be realistic about price and think before to taking offers. But price can be negotiated if option will available.
Now, question is that –

Which is Top 10 Website To Earn Money by Selling Domain? – Make Money Online

Hey, there are various sites available on Internet that provide platform to sell or buy domains, there may be also some strict terms and condition that should you know before to start.

If i ask you, which kind of services do you prefer – paid or free?

Yes, there are options- free or paid, in which for paid domain listing you have to pay first and become member to submit domain and other, free domain listing, you can create selling account for free. Of course, comparatively  pro sites provide better assistance than free service.
Now, one question may strike in your mind, why free? why are they not taking registration money ? what are their benefits if they provide platform for free?
Answer is simple, they take commission in % as your domain sell out.
You can also learn step by step how to sell a domain.
One thing, you should learn, you can list your domain across many sites that give even more exposure for your names. Of course, you can. But remember to delist your domain from other sites at instant.
Now, it is bit longer now, we should move ahead and start here to provide you top list sites (based upon popularity) that offer to sell or buy domains with summary about them. – (Top 10 Website To Earn Money by Selling Domain)

1 . 4.CN

4.CN is the global and professional marketplace for buying and selling domain names. We are also the leading domain auction platform and domain escrow service provider in China, with more than 280,000 customers from around the world and 1.6 million domains.
  • Alexa Rank –  71,713
  • Listing Charge – Free
  • Origin – China
  • Tel: 400-6644-724  |   Fax: 0571-56638596  |   Email:

2 . afternic

Afternic is the world’s premiere domain marketplace, listing more than five million premium domain names available for sale and receiving more than 75 million domain searches each month—more than any other domain marketplace.
  • Alexa Rank –  22,791
  • Listing Charge – Free
  • Origin – USA
  • Tel: 866-351-9586  |   International: +1781-839-7990

3 . Aftermarket (Now it’s Igloo)

Formerly Domain Advisors, we wanted a distinct brand to represent our new direction and growing company. We chose because it’s fresh, creates interest, and provides a lasting, memorable image with our clients and within the industry. We found our cool, now we can help you find yours.
  • Alexa Rank –  168,447
  • Listing Charge – Paid
  • Origin – USA
  • Toll Free (US/Canada): 1800-477-8207 |   International: +1-508-689-9569

4 . Cax is where people meet to trade domains. Domains can be sold or rent though “make offer”, “Buy-It-Now” or auctions. Sale commission is 5% only and escrow is offered. All auctions are highly promoted in the newsletter.
  • Alexa Rank –  447,095
  • Listing Charge – Free
  • Origin – France
  • Tel: +33.6 16 98 12 61 |   Fax: +33.4 67 52 47 90

5 . Domain Name Sales

DomainNameSales was founded in 2001 by internet entrepreneur Frank Schilling. Frank’s goal was to bring together the owners of the world’s most premium domains, and help connect them with interested businesses and individuals.
  • Alexa Rank –  21,802
  • Listing Charge – Free
  • Origin – US
  • Tel: +1-949-416-2555

6 . Sedo

With over 18 million listed domains and 2 million customers, Sedo is the world’s largest platform for the professional trading of web addresses.
  • Alexa Rank –  5,933
  • Listing Charge – Free
  • Origin – Germany
  • Tel: (+49) 221 / 340 30 – 230

7 . Hunting Moon

The “New HuntingMoon” is about You & Having Lots of Options to Prosper. We have had thousands of requests from people who wanted to list their domains and businesses for sale directly onto our site.
  • Alexa Rank – 1,563,461
  • Listing Charge – Free
  • OriginSan Francisco, CA
  • Tel: 415.750.2570

8 . Brand Bucket

Our mission is to make naming a business simple, quick, secure and painless. Let us show you how.

  • Alexa Rank – 45,871
  • OriginUSA
  • Tel: +1-323-393-0684 |

9 . Free Market

From posting your listing to handling your new sale, message our support team and get the best out of your experience.

  • Alexa Rank – 192,813
  • Listing Charge – Free
  • Origin – Australia

10 . Flippa

Flippa is the entrepreneur’s marketplace, where you can discover new business opportunities. We are the world’s number 1 destination for buying and selling web businesses, domain names and mobile apps.
  • Alexa Rank – 8,205
  • Listing Charge – Paid
  • Origin – Melbourne, Australia
(PS – Please verify rank as well as all above mentioned information, that might possibly change according to time.) I want here to let you know that what factor you should keep in your mind before to sell or buy a domain on seller platform.

I am suggest you them, who want to sell a domain, you can opt bidding method for sell your domain. where, your domain will bound in a time frame to sell and bidder can bid within same time frame, generally i have seen on bid , you get more bid value and even more bid that you could not expect. By this you can earn even more bucks.

Also suggesting to a buyer, find out a market potential of domain(s), make offer with keep your open, understand your benefits with that domain name, (Hey, somebody have passion to purchase domain, you are free from my suggestions. :)). Audience Traffic, Type of Domain, Reach-ability – You should keep all those in your mind before to make offer.

If you willing to search more, of course, you can. Google it.(That can take several hours even more, like me to collect information and details). Suggesting to use advance tab in Google option and search more accurate about your result.

At last, i would like to discuss if there exists sites for better option to sell or buy. You are most welcome to discuss in below comment box. I will try to update list if it will be really beneficial for all (of course for my readers too.).

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Happy Selling 🙂



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