Get Instant Backlinks To Your Blog by 51 Hand Picked Top Rated Sites

As we know that Backlinks are the backbone for indexing your blog or website into search engines. It is definitely true that a good content always matter for indexing into search Engines. But it will not wrong if i say, content is king then links are Queen. So in this article, you can learn method to get instant backlinks to your blog.

Before to this, i will explain for non -techie who do not know, what is backlink?

Backlink is a link one website gets from another website. Backlinks make a huge impact on a website’s rank as well as in search engine results. This is why Backlinks are considered very useful for improving a website’s SEO ranking.

There are many method to increase your ranking in search engines. some of are follows –
– Article Submission
– Directory Submission
– Press Release
– RSS Sublimation
– Blog Commenting

So, above all method are good, but they are traditional methods that can take too much time to show results and you can say it work rarely in today’s’ trend. (You can go with all method as it can added few sugar into coffee).

To get instant backlinks to your blog, i brief here all 51 hand picked sites, where you can create easily backlinks for your blog or website. This websites do not drive huge number of visitors (say traffic) but they provide backlinks that support in several ways.

For some sites, you can enter your blog URL directly into commenting or posting section. In some case you need to create a account first that is very easy to get Sign Up easily. (You can use your Facebook Account for Sign Up into others site that can save time and filling details each time). My advise to be a active member and keep posting or commenting daily to get better result and build more backlinks to your blog.

In recent time, everybody has Facebook account, create a page and share your blog post on same page with blog post’s URL. In this way Facebook provides backlinks to Your blog.

Like same, you should create a YouTube channel and you can add blog or website URL with YouTube.

You can opt a method ‘Commenting’ into Community, Forums, Blogs, etc (that have higher rank) share your idea, reply to community’s questions and mention your BLOG URL into your reply sections smartly. i always suggest you to participate into relevant topics so that your blog URL can not be blacklisted from admin. There are hundred of community, forums, some top listed from them  are Digital Point, Microsoft Community, Yahoo Answers, Quora, etc.

SEO itself having a vast field, where hundred of works that you should do to improve page rank &  indexing into search engines. Obvious, you require a huge effort to getting better results. Now, this time, you must have a question strike in your mind, how can get instant backlinks to your blog (my blog).

I am here to guide you for the same that help to  get instant backlinks to your blog by 51 handpicked sites. So lets start point by point & discuss in brief.

1 . Alexa – Generally it provide information about websites – their Rank, Number of Site Linked, Metrics, Related Sites and many more.

2 . – It is social networking website where users can ask others users question & can reply to other question also. You can mention your Blog URL detail into it.

3 . – If you are not a programmer (hard -coder as it does not require coding), this site can very helpful that makes people to learn easily and find your content. In this you can Sign-Up easily by Gmail or Facebook account.

4 . Bing Distill – It is Microsoft own community center, where you can join community and ask question and can also response to asked millions of questions into it.

5 . Behance –  It is one of popular in segment to showcase and discover creative work.

6 . Alltop – It provides platform to publish features top stories form different sources.

7 . Blogger – It is provided by Google to create blog, and share your text, photos and videos. It’s a free web tool.

8 . Bloglovin – To read blogs specially in foods, travel, fashion, and many more.

9 . Bundlr – It is a social bookmarking website, where you can create bundles with photos, videos, text, tweets, etc

10 . Blokube – It is also a community website that let you to share your blog post, interact with others, and exchange ideas.

11 . Blog Engage – It is also a community website that let you to share your blog post, interact with others, and exchange ideas, of course for back links.

12 . Blogarama – It is a blog directory submission on web.

13 . CNN iReport – composing of news stuffs submitted by journalism.

14 . Dailymotion – You can create backlinks by sharing, loading videos.

15 . Digital Point – you can participate in discussions related SEO, Search Engines and other on technical topics.

16 . Delicious – dave, organize, and remember the links you find interesting or useful around the web.

17 . Disqus – It is used as blog commenting hosting & other online communities to use in same disqus network.

18 . Diigo – It is a one of powerful research tool and a knowledge-sharing community.

19 . EzineArticles – It is an article submission directory that let you submit unpaid articles from authors, in exchange for links to the authors’ websites and and let you to get instant backlinks to your blog.

20 . Facebook – Facebook is the largest social networking website that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.

21 . Facebook Instant Articles – It is a platform that lets you create & publish interactive, content and share it on Facebook.

22 . Facebook Notes – It  is a also Facebook’s publishing tool that allows you to write notes, add links, embed images, and tag friends in them.

23 . Facebook Pages – You can create page according to your category like businesses, organizations and brands to share posts, news and connect with people.

24 . Flavors – It allow you to create a free website in few minutes where you can show your social media updates, photos, videos and many more.

25 . Flickr – It let you to organize huge number of photos and share with your friends and family to tell stories about you.
26 . Goodreads – It is the world’s largest website for readers and book recommendations on web.

27 . Google+ – It is also a social networking website like Facebook that service by Google and let you share links, posts, photos, videos and many more.

28 . Gravatar – It is mostly used Avatar in which – a little picture that appears next to your name & summary when you visit  websites.

29 .Guides – It is a platform that let you free publishing and hosting for sharing guides.

30 . Instagram – It is also a popular social connecting website which allows you to share beautiful photos and posts with friends and family.

31 . Jimdo – Let you to create professional websites, online stores, or blogs in minutes.

32 . –It provides music directories and let you to create your own  music playlists that you listen to.

33 . LinkedIn – It is the world’s largest professional network that connect professional to share ideas, reply, follow like many things.

34 . LiveJournal –Let you keep a blog, journal or a diary.

35 . Medium – It is created by Twitter co-founders that allows to connect via social sharing.

36 . Microsoft Community – It is Microsoft’s own online community, let you to ask questions, & find solutions.

37 . MySpace –It is one of social networking site that allow to create a question in forum , response to communities questions, share videos and more.

38 . Newsvine – It is also a community based news website.

39 . Pinterest – It is a platform that allow to collect and organize things you desire & love.

40 . PR Log – It is one of platform, allows a free online press release distribution and press release submission service.

41 . Quora – It is a community for question-and-answer where you can ask a question and can answer of submitted questions, It is one of largest website where you can get quick backlinks to your blog.

42 . Scribd –It is world’s largest document, written works ,e- books directory, it allows to create a personal digital library to upload e-books, documents, e-paper etc.

43 . SlideShare –  It is the world’s largest community for sharing OpenOffice presentations, PowerPoint, PDF and more.

44 . Stack Exchange – It is also a community website that allows creating questions and  response to other questions by answers.

45 . Tumblr – It is a micro-blogging social networking website powered by Yahoo.

46 .Twitter – It is the most popular and largest micro-blogging website.

47 . Weebly – It let you to to create a free website, store, or a blog. You can to get quick backlinks to your blog.

48 . Wikipedia – It is a free Internet encyclopedia. that allows edit information’s & also provide details in different languages.

49 . – is a free blogging platform powered by the open source WordPress software.

50 . Yahoo Answers – It is a community-driven powered by Yahoo for question-and-answer (Q&A).

51 . YouTube – is the largest video-sharing website allowing billions of people to discover, watch and share videos that is one best method to mention your Blog URL / Blog Post URL into description and get instant backlinks to your blog.

You have to Sign Up first almost in all mentioned above list, follow their terms & conditions and generate backlinks to your blog. In most cases you may find ‘nofollow’. Do not worry nofollow links can help you to balance ratio between dofollow & nofollow links and it provide numbers of backlinks which help your blog URL site links, blog website rating and also in indexing into search engines.

Obvious, it is easy and quick method & most important you can get instant backlinks to your blog at free of cost.

If you are looking for real link building ideas, you can visit PointBlankSEO. (Source – Minterest)

Many link building websites ask money for the same, my suggestion would be search & analyze first, reviews & then pay for the same.

I know, it’s a long article. Thanks for being till end. You can share & subscribe JioAnish.


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