How to Create a PayPal Account | Best Way to Send & Receive Money from Bank | No International Boundary

PayPal is name that comes into our mind when we think to send or receive money to other specially for transaction globally. It is one of the method and easy way to payment online as it also provides facility for international payment. Many from us think that creating a PayPal account is very tough and generally we neglect to create a PayPal account. If i say, it is very easy like to eat butter – bread. Yes. It is very easy to create. Now this may be your question to me – How to create a PayPal account easily?

How to create a PayPal account?

To create a PayPal account, you should have following information (Stuff) ready that will require to register or create a PayPal account.

  • Email ID – You should have a valid email ID. Be sure that you do not forget your email Id user name & password (or if you forget, you should mention all recovery detail into mail account so that you can recover easily) as all notifications and history related payment will come to this email. You should require this E-mail ID for registration process that will your login user name.
  • Pan Card –  If you are from India, You should have valid PAN (permanent Account Number) number that must be same as linked with your Bank Account. In case of other country, you should have to put your income tax related number into PayPal.
  • Bank Account – As you want to send or receive money, you must have a bank account by which, you can send or receive payment into bank account.
  • Debit/Credit Card – It is an optional. If you want to make payment, at least one debit/credit card should  attach within ypur PayPal account.
  • Mobile Number – Mobile number is required for security purpose, like login security, make payment OTP (One Time Password), recover account and many more.

Make sure, you must have mentioned all above with you before to create a PayPal account. If yes, we can proceed to create.

Step 1. How to create a PayPal account  – Open PayPal

Now, open a link –  PayPal on your available browser, try to create account on system as it is comparatively easy to create than mobile or Tab

Click on Sign Up and Select your Country.

Choose type of account, if you are a individual user choose personal account otherwise choose business account for business purpose.

Your will redirected into another page to create account.

Step 2. How to create a PayPal account  – Enter Details

Next page, it will ask to put Email ID (it will use as login user name and for notifications). Like to put other password, enter your strong password (Recommend to put Mix Alphanumeric with small and capital letters & Symbol, also note into your diary). Re enter your password in receptive box.

Enter your name (Make sure, name should match with name that is mentioned with your bank account & PAN Number or Taxation Number).

Enter your address and your mobile number. If you wish to add a debit card (It is totally upto you as it’s  optional, but You will not able to make payment without debit/credit card). Without adding details of debit or credit card, No problem you will still able to withdraw money from PayPal to bank account.

Now, read terms & conditions and click on agree to create account.

Step 3. How to create a PayPal account  – Enter PAN / Bank Account

You will redirected into your account. Now go to my account and then click on Overview option then click on Task board.

First you have to confirm your email address – a confirmation link will sent to your email ID, go to mail and confirm your mail ID on clicking link to Verify mail.

Second one, Put your PAN (Permanent Account Number)

Next you need to put your bank account detail, once you submit detail PayPal will sent two small test amount into your bank account and after that you need to put exact amount into PayPal account. (Your bank account can reflect test amount from PayPal within one week). After that your bank account confirmation message will displayed on PayPal account.

Step 4. How to create a PayPal account  – Enter Purpose Code

It is most important to enter purpose code, by which PayPal wants to know for what purpose you are going to use PayPal. (Always choose proper purpose code otherwise PayPal account may be suspended).

Now you are all done and your account is ready to use. You can know further- How to use PayPal account to send or receive money.

Can you tell? is it too easy – How to create a PayPal account ?

I Know, Answer should be Yes!

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