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Extremely Nervous! Looking for better assistance that can help you to control or manage internet speed of clients from server ?

Yes your are at right place. Read carefully all steps and follow to the same.

As most of places, either office, business, cyber cafe or home premises we use a single common internet connection and distribute internet points to many systems from the same single connection(Host or Server System). So it become very tough to control speed or manage internet speed of clients from server.

If any workstation start downloading and uploading then speed of internet decrease (sucks) on all other remaining workstations connected with same server. Now, if you facing this problem, you should follow below steps –

You can opt any of of method to manage internet speed of clients from server

Method 1 . Allow workstation speed by manage speed of clients from server , without disturbing any workstations by Using Extra LAN card in the Server

You can easily control or manage internet speed of clients from server, by help you can limit –

Internet Bandwidth

Network Traffic

Downloading Speed

of any workstations on the local area connection by using extra LAN card in your Host point computer. In that case you need not an extra software. Read carefully and Follow procedure as mentioned below –

Step 1. Install Server based OS

At first step, you need to install any one from operating systems (OS) – Windows Server 2003, Window Server 2008, or Windows Server 2012 on your Host computer, where you want to manage internet speed of clients from server (Host computer).

Step 2 .Install LAN Card

Install the extra LAN card into Host computer and also install driver software for the same. LAN card which can control all workstations through local area connection network.

Plugin or Insert LAN wire into Ethernet port that is connected with modem or router.

Step 3.  Connect All Workstations

Now, you can connect all workstations with host computer via switch or router or hub. For this connect your Host computer Ethernet port to external point device like switch / router / hub and then connect with all desired all workstations with switch / router / hub with LAN wire.

Step 4. Manage Workstations

At Host computer, Go to control Panel

Then find out Network Connections

Local Area Network (LAN) and click on Properties of connected extra LAN Card.

Click on Configure

Click on option Network Adapters

Now click on Advanced option

Link speed & Duplex mode

Here you can select individual workstation and ready to manage internet speed of clients from server (for all workstations) in kbps (kilo bit per second), save and reboot (restart) your Host computer.

I am sure, you are free from your nervousness and feeling relax. That’s all done.

Method 2. Use of Software to manage internet speed of clients from server

If you do not want go for extra LAN card to control internet speed, you can use a software that works on every platform Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, Windows 8 or, Windows 10. (Check compatibility terms)

Step 1. Download Software

You should have a software called Handy Cafe Filter to manage internet speed of clients from server, from its website that is free of cost. Download and install it.

To use this software, you have to register which is free and you will get get registration number along with serial number on your mail ID, You can use software by putting registration number and serial number into that.

You need to install Handy Cafe Filter on Host computer as well as on all workstations and put serial number as well as registration number. (Note : Client Activation is not required)

Step 2. Open Software

Open Handy Cafe Filter on all workstations as well as Host computer (Server). Check whether icons of all workstations on your host or server computer visible or not, if it is not visible, check whether software is/are installed properly. If it are visible on Handy Cafe Filter software on host computer, then it’s fine.

Step 3. Enter IPs Address

If list of all clients are not visible at server end software interface, you can create manually just by putting custom IPs addresses into host as well as all workstations (clients).

Set host (server) IP address as

Enter your address as default gateway –

Clients (Workstations) :-

For First  –

For Second – and so on.. for all workstations.

Step 4. Configure Clients

At server, Handy Cafe Filter interface, now it is visible all workstations. To manage internet speed of clients from server, you can configure bandwidth / internet speed / downloading speed etc for each workstation.

Now, you have done. Check it at workstation for test.


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