How to Recover Hidden Files from Shortcut Icon Created in Pen Drive or Memory Card

Are you nervous with your flash drive? You are not a techie enough to solve your problem by yourself and your have problem with flash drive/ pen drive or memory card like shortcut cut folder or completely hidden folders showing folder size in KB. You have already in trouble as saved urgent files or folders in that and want to recover hidden files from shortcut icon crated in pen drive or memory card. If your drive is write protected, Click for – How to Format a Write Protected Flash drive, Pen Drive Using cmd (Command Prompt)

You can see, there is space occupied by files and folder and visible to you.

You must thinking, how do recover it?

You are guessing, there must be heavy pay to recover such files.

If i say, you do not to pay a single penny.

No need of any Data Recovery software to regain your lost files

Now, you are smiling and feeling relaxed. That’s i want. Be with me and follow all steps and then you should have actual mean of relax.

As properties of flash card showing that Files or Folders are present in that, that mean you can easily recover, it is present in your drive and it has been hidden only .

Now, I start step by step procedures –

For Windows XP Users – recover hidden files from shortcut icon crated in pen drive or memory card.

Step 1. Insert Drive

Make sure to insert your Flash Drive / Pen Drive / Memory Card into USB port of system that having with you.

Step 2. Open Folder Options

You need to open Tools then Folder Option, you will see Views click on it. You will find Show Files and Folders. Click on it.

Step 3. Uncheck and Click on YES

Now, you can see Hide Extension for unknown file type – Uncheck (Remove Tick mark) box. there may appear a small warning windows pop up message . You have to click on YES.

Sep 4. Uncheck OS Protected Files

Now, same time Hide protected operating system files visible, also Uncheck and Click on Apply /YES.

Step 5. Cross Check With Your Files and Folders

Now, you can check faulted Files or Folders has recovered or not. Definitely you can see into your drive.

Step 6. Make Backup and Use Good Antivirus

We are last but not the least, it is recommended to create backup your important Files or Folders into System, Cloud Storage, Other devices. To protect your drive as well as PC/ Laptop, install a antivirus that have good performance with your system configuration.

For Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8,

Later windows have same process, in second step, you will see View instead of Tools, click on View and continue with same steps as as mentioned above to recover hidden files from shortcut icon crated in pen drive or memory card.

For Windows 10

Start from first step same as Window Xp, in second step you will find View and then its is directly show ‘Show/Hide’. Click on it, rest steps are same.

Now, its done. How are you feeling?

Relaxed !!!

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