How to Use Your Smartphone as a Webcam for Computer

Do not have a webcam or inbuilt webcam does not support High Definition (HD) video calls? And you are in urgent moment to make call on Skype, other video conferencing, record video for YouTube, then what should you do? You think, that there should be secondary option to fulfill urgent works. If you are in in hurry and nervous, do not be. Here are some steps which can you help you. You must having a decent Android camera mobile, you can use it. You can your your smartphone as a webcam for computer.

Why use of Smartphone as a Webcam for computer?

As i mentioned earlier, if you are in urgent situation like you boss want video-teleconference at urgent and you don’t have good laptop, at the same time your mobile phone can be used as a webcam for video-teleconferencing. Suppose you are at place and senior citizen (do not have inbuilt good camera,wants to talk over Skype on urgent), then Smartphone as a webcam can be used.

In some cases, we do not find webcam as it is not inbuilt by a manufacturing company and same time we need to use facility like Skype video calling, video conferencing and more. For this we generally purchase peripheral webcam devices from market, but sometimes it is very tricky to install and temperamental even when they are set up correctly.

Now is question is that, how can do it to make my smartphone as a webcam for computer?

Very Simple!!

All you need a Android mobile and a suitable apps that have to install in your smartphone.


DroidCm, comes into two segment – android app, basic version you can download from Google Play Store (You can opt premium version according to use, if you having need of extra features and controls) and second is DroidCam desktop client component, can be downloaded from internet dev47apps (available for Windows as well as Linux).

At first install DroidCam from Google Play store into your smartphone. Open it and you will find some options into settings like Keep Phone Awake, Auto Dim Screen, Use Front Camera, DroidCam connection Port. Tick mark all above three option to make smartphone as webcam for computer.

Now switch to second part at desktop. As DroidCam desktop client is finished download, unzip file and install .exe (executable file for windows). Once launched, you will get windows to put IP address for your DroidCam. You can easily find from your phone, as you run Droidcam app in mobile,it will be displayed with port number on mobile screen. Copy and paste into IP address that is asking at Desktop.

Now, you will also note, there is facility to use your smartphone’s microphone for audio streaming. You can set video quality – Low, Normal, and High Definition that are option. Select as you desire.

Next step to plug USB cable with smartphone and connect with desktop or laptop. Click on ‘Start’ to begin streaming. The mobile app will send the image from mobile to computer. There are two cameras with device, select camera which your like to use (earlier we have setup with front camera with tick mark into box). You can see your camera smartphone camera is working and it is appearing on DrioidCam desktop. This is all about making your smartphone as a webcam for computer.

Now its done. you can use your smartphone as webcam for computer /laptop, if problem exist with video, audio streaming – Check your settings of both sides. IP must be same for both.

As you should know, we have installed and use basic version of DroidCam that have some limitations, you can use webcam in  only landscape mode, zooming is limited for good resolution,limited brightness control, and lack of various others controls too.

If you want to have more control, you should upgrade from basic to premium version (note – always do check current premium rate at store or website). Its my recommendation to upgrade with premium as having all controls otherwise choice is yours if you satisfy with basic release.

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