How to Change Default Web Browser to Chrome, Firefox, or Opera in Windows 10

Are you bored with current windows web browser and confused that how to change default web browser in your windows 10? Current time, we are upgrading our windows operating system from previous version to windows 10. The new operating system , windows 10 could confused non-techies that do not aware with system settings.

As you install windows 10 operating system , express installation install new web browser Microsoft Edge even you if you defaulted to any browser like Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari or another in Windows previous version.

Upgrading into windows 10, setting installation do not follow previous setting of default browser and set to new Microsoft’s new Edge browser as default. Regarding this, Firefox and Vivaldi have made complaint.Vivaldi‘s Jon von Tetzchner points out:

“I understand that Microsoft is concerned with the low usage of Edge, but instead of building a better browser, Microsoft is forcing its product onto people in the most unapologetic manner.

Every time Windows 10 upgrades, it changes the default browser to Edge. Same thing tends to happen when a new browser is installed – for some reason, it leads to restoring Edge as the default option. Not the new browser, and not even the browser that was there as a default one previously. ” as published on PCworld.

After that, Windows 10 doesn’t uninstall your previous choice of browser, and now you can change default web browser as you like from windows settings. We should know how to change default web browser in windows operating system even you do not know about how to do this.i will explain all steps with explanations-

How to Change Default Browser in Windows 10

Step 1. Open start menu select Settings.

Switch / power on your Desktop or Laptop and wait for windows Home screen. After that you can see a windows key (like Flag icon) on bottom-left of your screen, click in it. Many options will appear on screen, you need to find out ‘setting’ (small button like gear). Click on it.

Step 2. Open System Setting – Click on ‘System’

As you click on setting form start menu, a windows pop up comes where you can see many options on screen. Do not confuse, how to do next to change default web browser, you are only few steps away. Follow me and do same as i am instructing. You have to select and click on first option, ‘System’ from that Pop-up windows.

Can you see same windows like in picture? If Yes, click on System option and move to next steps.

Step 3. Click on ‘Default apps’

Moving to next step, As you click on ‘System’, a number of options will visible at left panel (left side of windows). There is ‘Default apps’ which is third option from top (some case, order can be change) and click on it. At right panel of windows, scroll down and find option ‘Web browser’. It is set ‘Microsoft Edge’ by default by express installation of windows 10.

Step 4. Click On ‘Web Browser’ – Change Default Web Browser

Last but the least, you are at final stage to change default browser for your system. Click on ‘Microsoft Edge’ under ‘ Web Browser’. You can see option of all installed browsers into windows in drop-down menu. Select as you preferred for future browser.

Great ! You have completed and successfully did your work to change default web browser. If you wish to set another on web browser, you should same steps and change according to preference.

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