How to Increase Android Mobile Performance | Instant Remove Apps from Mobile

Android mobile is backbone for mobile industries, Google owns android operating system installed in mobiles along with many apps which we can use under one account. After Android mobile, iPhone and windows phone have good grip on market.

When we purchase a new Android mobile, many applications have already installed into it. After that we create an account in play store and install more apps with thinking that, it keep mobile smooth and clean. We installed apps that we need for different uses, at same time we install some apps to clean memory, improve battery performance, antivirus and many more. Do it really work for same?

If your smartphone is hanging, is bit slow, and have low battery performance, You should know that your mobile is absolutely good as it was in previous. If you remember, you smartphone was good at initial use and problem started occur after installation of those apps.

Here i am going to explain, how can you increase speed and battery performance of your Android Phone.

Battery Saving Apps – Android Mobile

In play store, you find and claim from apps company that their apps can save battery and increase performance even 100% more. But in real fact, after installation of such apps, many unwanted apps is installed with it that causes for hanging problem in phone even attack on your privacy. You should instantly remove those unwanted apps.

Informing you, self battery saving apps work or run all times (mean run into Ram). As it is self eating battery app and how can it increase battery as well Android Phone performance. Now choice is yours to keep it or remove.

Antivirus Apps – Android Phone Security

To secure our mobile,normally we download antivirus app from website, or take from unauthorized source that may contain malware, virus which can steal data even damage your Android phone, so it better to remove such apps instantly. You should use Google Play Store to install apps where, apps are already scanned by play store.

Clean Master Apps – Enhance Android Phone Performance

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A smartphone needs to clean at some intervals to enhance Android Mobile Performance. For this we install apps that claim to clean and make mobile smooth to use. As you should know, this kind of app always run in background, hence taking RAM space and decease battery life, so it is better to uninstall such apps from phone. It is also informing that, it not necessary to keep apps fro clean memory, you can clean by yourself, go into phone setting – clear cache and RAM as well.

Ram Saving Apps

It is true, more RAM more speed but if RAM memory is almost full, decreases Android Mobile Performance. For this you should not use any third party Ram Saving Apps in your phone, you need to go in setting and clear apps that are running in background. After that you will find your mobile better and smooth.

Pre-Loaded Apps – Decrease Android Mobile Performance.

As we purchase smartphone and start to use, we find there are many pre-loaded apps ( From Google and Smartphone company) that can not allow to uninstall from phone. No doubt, it take space of memory as well as decrease android mobile performance, that can be deactivate into phone settings to enhance Android mobile performance.

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