How to manage your Google Account on your Android phone

Everybody who use internet must have Google account, which provide all facilities under one Google account. If you use to search stuffs, Email, Payments, Adwords, Adsense, Device manager, of course YouTube for videos and many more, definitely have a Google Account. In term of search Engines and Videos website – Google search Engine and YouTube are most popular in the world. It is not be wrong if I say “You cannot have such questions that Google search Engine does not reflect answer for the same”.

If we talk for Android phone – Google is lifeblood. Apps store, Emails, Payments and more, Google account is key of phone hum. Account provides ease to use with more powerful security features. Generally we use normal functions and do not pay attention to exact use of Google account in Android phone. As Google Account and its login into Android phone, provides you many top features that you should know for proper utilization of your Android phone.

Google has built a fantastic method to manage and secure your account in proper manner that helps secure your account, and it’s worth taking trips to check on things. Here we will go through Google account step by step and learn way to secure Google Account.

Google Account Sign-in and Security

Starting from first step, go to Setting into Android, You can find easily Personal by scrolling down and tap at the Google option (May be change in customized based Android phone). Before this, enable Developer option first. In Google option, inside you will find option ‘Account and Services’ and you have number of options to manage your account like Sign-in, Privacy, Account preference and many more.

As we know, A General method which is used for security is Log-in or Sign-in into an account that protect from unauthorized person to use. Log-in into Google Account and some security checkup you can see, which lets you change your recover phone number and email address.

After, series of checks make you sure about recent security events, connected devices, and account permissions. You can find out misused log that you did not do and change according to your preference for more security of your Google Account and its activity. Example, you can revoke its privileges, and if you see any unauthorized devices, for that you must change your password as well as change your account security questions-answers.

How to make more secure your Google Account?

Best method that Google provides, 2-steps verification, it  provides extra layer for security check when you access (Log-in) into account. First step where you put username (Email) and password, in second step a OTP (one-time-password) will be sent to your registered mobile number, you need to put into OTP section, then you can easily access you Google Account.

Somebody thinks it is very hectic to keep mobile or number to access you account, but you should know security of your account security that Google understands, Account may have personal data that can be hacked by a hacker to misuse. For this we advise to keep on your 2-steps verification.

In account, you will be also able to change your alert settings and manage passwords that are stored with Smart Lock.

Personal Info and Security

In Google tab, you can note second one is Personal info and Privacy. This segment setting allows you to change or edit your location sharing, email, recovery phone, birthday, and search settings. It make you able to run Privacy Check to make sure that you are not sharing such personal you want to keep them private.


Six steps that make you better control over apps and services that use your Google Account. You can manage-

What your share on YouTube

Hide your phone number

Google+ setting

Limit ad tracking

Geo Location and grouping in Google Photos

You can edit setting as per your desire.

Personal Info & Privacy allows you to check and download that what Google knows about you. This option, you can see bottom of the page – Download your data.

Google Account Preferences

Third option is Google account preference, where you can change language preference and Google Drive storage allotment. You can set storage allotment as your need, but keep into mind that there will be extra charges for more storage.

You can unlink services like Google+, YouTube, or Gmail from your Google Account. Last option in the same, you can see Delete your Google Account, which allows to remove account from device. After this deletion, all connected account with Google will also delete. So you should follow steps carefully before to delete it.

Services – Google Account

A list of services is available,

Smart Lock Password



Restore Contact

Android Pay and many more.

Most Important Part, when you enter into security tab, you will have options to change your account’s activity, track your device through Android Device Manager, and allow for remote lock and erase. Make sure you have already turned on; as it helps at time you lose your phone.

Some more steps are also available, you can tab each option and edit as you want.

Key Points:

>> Sign-in – Keep 2-steps verification

>> Use Smart Lock password which is different from Google Account’s Sign-in Password

>> Store Mobile Contact under Google Account helps to recover contact easily.

>> Turn on Android Device Manager –To track your location of lost mobile.

>> Turn on ‘Allow remote lock and erase’ – To find out and delete data from phone.


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