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Microsoft announced its Microsoft Intune for education at Brett 2017 in an education conference, new budget Windows 10 laptops which is a new cloud based application and device management that has been built on proven Intune. The company made announcement like Google that has declared its focus on classroom education, Chromebook.  With partnership with OEMs, the company has declared already window 10 is available in HP, Lenovo and Acer with several featured devices like Windows Ink, touch support. Microsoft Intune will be available from starting range $189.


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The company claims that news 10PCs packed with high end performance, design, power and security, schools need at the same prices as Chromebook.

Microsoft, in its official blog, states,

“Now Windows 10 devices offer the power, performance and security schools need at the same price as Chromebooks, with none of the compromises.”

 Microsoft claims for its new Microsoft Intune, engineered to integrate with Windows 10 and Office 365 Education along with other services. In coming weeks, preview will be available at $30 per device, via volume licensing. In addition to this, the company is also launching Education Editions with popular requested features. The service offers reflect the feature to set up default policies for all the devices and users in a class, school or district. Microsoft says that the service lets schools to customize over 150 different setting that help them to assign student and apply them  to hardware, apps, browsers, windows defender and more.

Microsoft Intune for Education – Schools Easily Set-up and Manage Classroom Devices

The Intune for Education has design for schools who desire to put devices in classrooms and not touch during whole year. Microsoft Intune device helps IT admin or teacher as it has quick function to load and quite simple to use, it also helps in management of shared devices.

As like Microsoft Intune, Lenovo N22 and N23 Yoga are also built for education purpose and will be available at budget price starting from $189 and $249 respectively. Lenovo updated its educational purpose laptop with Windows 10. New ThinkPad 11e series, clamshell and Yoga form with Windows 10 that will have powerful battery having 11 hours of backup.



Microsoft at the Bett 2017 conference also announced an update to Minecraft: Education Edition which brings features that were requested by the community.

“At Microsoft, our mission is to empower every person on the planet to achieve more. For students, we are committed to enabling better learning and preparation for the future through software and devices built for the modern era,” Mehdi said in a blog post.

Easy Application Deployment

Microsoft Intune for Education is promising to make easy assigning and deploying any combination of Windows Store for business and Web apps or education apps. Once the apps are customized, they will available for users at their next login that helps students as well as teachers to see apps which they are supposed to see, and the apps that they should not.

The company states,

“This week at BETT we’ll showcase additional new devices, designed for education. These devices showcase the latest Windows 10 technology at prices competitive to Chromebooks, with the power, performance and security educators, students and families can count on from Windows.”

Expanding the Minecraft Community

Microsoft mentor program which has expanded to include 60Globals Minecraft mentors representing 18 countries. Mentors are well experienced to guide educators with Minecraft journey in education sector.


* Microsoft Intune for Education service also announced.
* Starting range from $189
* Lenovo N24 featuring Windows 10 along with newly added support for Windows Ink
* TURN T201 PC for Windows 10 by JP.IK
* Acer and Lenovo among popular OEMs announcing new laptops



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