Airbus Promises Flying Car Prototype by End of 2017

Have you heard Flying car? Yes Flying car and You are not dreaming. Its real.
Automobiles industries are growing day by day using science and technologies.As of now, we are habituated to drive a car manually, then self-driving car came into existence (although, it is also in testing phase). Here Airbus comes with idea for a self-driven car, flying car.

As of now, we suffer much into huge traffic jams at signals, flyovers, street etc.Flying car can be best and quick solution for traffic jams.

Airbus last year formed a division named Urban Air Mobility that is exploring concepts vehicle to transport or a pro-type model like helicopter-style that can carry multiple riders. Its main role to figure out how to carry multiple one place to another via overhead airspace.

According to CEO of airbus Tom Enders , speech at recent tech conference in Munich,

“One hundred years ago, urban transport went underground, now we have the technological wherewithal to go above ground.” as report on Reuters

“One hundred years ago, urban transport went underground, now we have the technological wherewithal to go above ground,”

“We are in an experimental phase, we take this development very seriously”, he added points ‘Airbus recognized such technologies would have to be make congestion free cities avoiding deadlock jams.

He said ” With flying, you do not need to pour billions into concrete bridges and roads. He also added some point as Airbus is largest maker of commercial helicopters and next innovation would be Flying car, which might be available end of 2017. In that Flying car prototype, using artificial intelligence and autonomous technology.

“If we ignore these developments, we will be pushed out of important segments of the business,” he said.

it can be very exciting moment to travel via Flying car. When i was kid reading comic or story like to fly into air, thought will it possible in future? Toys that can fly, almost everyone has played childhood. Now it can be rea to fly in sky with Flying car, upcoming model of Airbus.


There are not a single company Airbus which is working on its prototype. Uber is also looking into flying car segment as well. According to Chief product officer of Uber, Jen Holden,told the car ride giant’s comes on white paper last year” report on Newswatchtv

Competition between companies in flying card segment can be more tough, as some more companies may come into existence by their full-gripped prototype. we should wait and watch and be ready to fly into sky.

I am also more excited to know, waiting eagerly for this launch, Flying car.


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