How to Set Up A Business Professional Email Through Gmail for Free!

Are you looking to Set Up A Business Professional  Email Through Gmail for Free? Email is short form of Electronic mail. Earlier we used letters to send message to other places. Email send message at instant. It use POP3 and SMTP protocol to send mails and receive mails.

There are many free Email service provider available. Gmail, Yahoo-mail, Hotmail etc.

If you professional you need set up a business professional  Email account. For this you should have a domain name and hosting account. Here i explain to How to Set Up A Business Professional  Email Through Gmail for Free. Hoping you have already a domain name and hosting space. You can take domain name and hosting space from any available in the market. i use here for Godaddy.

We are familiar to use Gmail account, so i describe to setup account through Gmail step by step.

Step 1. Login into Dodaddy account.

As you have purchased web-space, you should have login user name and password. Put into respective box and click Enter.


Step 2. Manage Web Hosting

After successful login, you can option ‘Manage’ in WEB HOSTING. Click and it.

You need to click on  Manage which is in box.

Step 3. Find Email Wizard

As you have redirected into c-panel of web hosting. Its time to create new professional Email ( Find Email wizard in Email. Click on it.

  • You are in Email Set Wizard where you can Set Up A Business Professional  Email for your business, blog etc.
  • Enter prefer email name
  • Enter strong Password
  • Retype Password
  • Choose Mailbox quota(Limited or Unlimited)
  • Click on Create Account.

Step 4. Access Mail Box

As we have created new account, we should access our email account, for this Email setup wizard show you option on screen. Click on i’ll do it later.

Now go to Godaady ‘Home’ pag and check Email account. Click email account. You can see your created mail ID. Click on more, you will find an option ‘Access Webmail’ Click on it.

You will see some options to access create mail on screen. Make default Horde(as it is mostly use, you can also opt other one) and click on it.

Welcome to your Email box. Here process of create a new professional Email is completed.

But we started to Topic, How to Set Up A Business Professional  Email Through Gmail for Free!

For this we should have a Gmail account on which you have to setup your newly created Email ID.

Step 5. Open Gmail

Now, you need to sign in into Gmail account(Make sure this is going to use as Default Send and Receive mail),  You can also a create a new one.

  • Go to Setting
  • Click on ‘Account and Import’ Tab
  • Click on ‘Add another email Address’.

You will a pop-up window. You have to fill detail.

  • Name: Choose Name which you want to show to receiver end.
  • Email Address: Enter newly created your professional email ID.
  • Click on next step.

Step 6.  Open ‘Forwarder’ in Email at Hosting c-panel

We are at step to setup mail forwarding. For this-

  • Go to Home at Hosting Account.
  • Find Forwarder in Email section.
  • Click on It.
  • Next page click at ‘Add Forwarder’

You have to put detail into box.

  • Put create mail
  • Enter ‘Destination’ (Put Gmail ID where you have to configure mail)
  • Click on button ‘Add Forwarder’

Step 7. Configure Email Client

Now, We need configure email client.

  • Go to Home page
  • Find Email Account click on it
  • Choose mail which you want to configure, Click more(at right side)
  • Click on ‘Configure Email Client’.

You can find Outgoing Server SMTP setting, copy it and paste into Gmail SMTP Server (Which we have seen at step 5).

Enter same username which we have created new mail. and Enter same password for the respective new mail whatever you have entered at creation.

Choose Port no 465. Click on button ‘ Add Account’.

Step 8. Account and Import and Make Default

You are at last step to check.

  • Go to Setting in Gmail Account
  • Click on ‘Account and Import’ tab
  • Find Configured mail,  Click ‘make default’.

Now process of Set Up A Business Professional  Email Through Gmail is completed. You can test it by sending and receiving mails from your Gmail account.



Reference and Thanks to  #Godaddy #Gmail


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