How to Earn Money Online | Best Method to Earn Upload Videos on YouTube

Want to be a successful Earner Online? We listen someone is earning good money via online. Is this true?

Yes, it is true. You can earn also thousand of dollars online. You can start earning from first day, you need to have more subscribers list, skill of explaining on camera, passion of sharing and uploading new videos, writing skills etc. A question comes into our mind, how can we earn money online? Is it possible? How does it work?

A company who wants Ads, pay money to advertising company or partner. This advertising company put Advertisement on your websites/blog/videos.  if any visitor clicks or visits web-page, owner of that Channel or Website get paid by the advertising company(some percentage what they get from Company who wants Ads.)

There are various ways to Earn Money Online.If you love to capture video, explain topic content nicely. is best platform for you to earn money online.It is very simple way to start, here i will guide to start a YouTube channel from basic with picture.

Step by step ‘How to Earn Money Online | Best Method to Earn Upload Videos on YouTube’ with picture | Best Method to Earn Online.

Step 1. Create YouTube account.

Creating a YouTube account is very simple, if you have a Google account, simply you need to enter same ‘Username’ and ‘Password’. Otherwise you can create a new account. After successful creation a Google account, Login into

You will redirected into YouTube account.

Step 2. Upload Video

At starting stage make fresh and healthy two videos and upload to YouTube. You can see upload icon at top-right corner in your YouTube account. You should keep patience, YouTube is Best Method to Earn Online.

On Clicking upload video icon you will see a pop-up to create YouTube Channel. This YouTube Channel name show with your uploaded video while someone access to YouTube videos. Make sure YouTube Channel name reflects your upcoming videos content which you want to show.(You will famous by this Name)

Click on upward arrow sign to upload new video.

Step 3. Setting Account- Go to Video Manager

Now you have uploaded your videos successfully, you need to go into account setting that is video manager. For this find a icon at top-right of  your YouTube account (Circle type), click on it you will see a option ‘Creator Studio’ click on it. You will be redirected into YouTube channel.

Step 4. Enable Monetization.

Now it is time to enable monetization to start Earning Online on YouTube videos. Go to channel, click on it, you will see option “Status and features’ click on it. You can easily find a Monetization where a option is ‘Enable’. You have to enable this. It will automatically redirected into other option ‘Monetization’ option of channel.

You can see after clicking ‘Enable’ button. Click on ‘Get Started. before to start you should check Guidelines and Information regarding YouTube Channel.

Step 5. Accept Terms and Conditions

To enable monetization you should read term and agree terms and condition, you can three mandatory check point, check all.If mandatory option is not checked ‘I accept’ option will not high-lighted. Check and click i accept.

Second second to setup AdSense account, click on ‘Set up Adsense account’

Step 6. Setup Adsense Account

You are thinking, why do we need to create adsense account as i am using YouTube Channel? Answer is very simple. We need a bank account to store/save money and many more operations. Adsense is such like where  you can store your earning money,bank account information, reports etc. Earned money via YouTube, you can check into Adsense account (Hosted Account). My opinion is to go ahead, YouTube is Best Method to Earn Online along with Adsense account which is safe and secure.

If you are already an Adsense account, click to ‘Sign In’ or You can a create account(It is also a part of Google account) on clicking option ‘Create account’.

Now basic account setup process has completed. If you want to successful, become a part of Best Method to Earn Online,YouTuber should create page on Facebook, Twitter, Create blogs which help you to build subscriber list. More Subscriber more earning.



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