How to Transfer Files in External Device | Flash Drive | Mobile

Now a days, it is very common to store data into flash drive, portable external devices, mobile devices etc. For this we need to transfer files between two devices. Most common transfer of files occur between Computer System and flash drive or say pen drive, mobile devices, external hard disks and many more.

There are generally two method to transfer of files between two or more devices.

  • Wireless (Bluetooth, WiFi Direct, Third Party Software etc)
  • Wired Transfer Data.(Via USB)


Here you can learn File transfer via USB step by step.

Step 1. Open ‘My Computer’ or ‘This PC’
Step 2. Select File or Folder.

Go to that location and select File or Folder which you want to transfer into flash drive or into external device.

Right click on selected File or Folder choose option ‘send to’ and you can see device name in drop down menu, select external device(picture Redmi note 3) and click.

Step 3.

You can process of transferring data.

Step 4. Open External Device.

Now, you can see that selected file has transferred.


Method 2.

Open file or Folder which have to transfer.

Right click on File and Folder and Click on ‘Copy’ from drop menu.


Now open destination drive Folder(where to store data).

Right click and Click on ‘Paste’ in drop menu.

Process of transferring file or folder(As step 3) you can see on screen.

Now process of  Transfer Files in External Device | Flash Drive | Mobile is completed.




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