How to Stop Automatic Window Update Window 10 – Work With All Windows

As we know, most windows operating system user using windows 10. Window 10 is brilliant and smart in term of security and privacy.
Windows defender feature, windows firewall, windows update etc. deliver windows system more secure and make us to use without any tension.Sometimes we have to do some task or we have limited data and we want to stop automatic windows update.
In earlier version(before windows 10) we can easily found an option to stop automatic windows update but in windows 10 we get confuse how to stop automatic windows update.
This content help you step by step to stop windows update and you can set window update according your convenience.

Step 1. Press key ‘R’ holding window(flag icon type) key.

You will get run small windows on your screen. type in the box ‘services.msc’. and click ok.

Step 2. Find out window update.

As you click on window update, option ‘stop’ you can see at left side of windows as shown in picture.

Step 3. Choose Manual or Disable

Now you have to set windows download mode. If you want to put on Manual, choose manual or choose disable to disabled permanently automatic windows update as shown in picture below.
Choose Manual, click on apply and then click ok.

Choose Disable to disabled permanently, click on apply and then click ok.

Now process to stop of windows update is completed.
If you want to change option or pot once again automatic windows update, follow same steps and choose ‘automatic’ option in step 3.

Enjoy your Windows. !!!



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